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Broadband without the need for KC...

KC FREE alternative Broadband packages with unlimited downloads from The One Point

Our broadband network is different. We have our own network to beam broadband directly to your premises and is available to customers outside the BT area, a first alternative for residents and businesses even in a KC Area.

Our broadband is symmetrical; this means that a typical upload speed is up to 20 times faster than that of a standard broadband service. Our service is fast for downloads too and consistantly reliable giving you a hassle-free solution for your business.

Installation is quick and simple and is completely managed by us leaving your business to carry on without any major distruption. It is completely independent of of BT or KC.

Ask us a question about Broadband in Hull - Get a free survey:


Medium Business
Usage Allowance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Download Speed 2 Mbps** 5 Mbps** 10 Mbps**
Upload Speed 2 Mbps** 5 Mbps** 10 Mbps**
Perfect for... Individual Home/Office worker Business with around 2-10 workstations Business with 11 or more workstations
UK-Based Support Y Y Y
Free Router Y Y Y
Free Fixed TCP/IP Address Y Y Y
Supports Port Forwarding Y Y Y
Network Priority Y Y Y
Monthly Subscription (+VAT) £55 £75 £95
Standard Installation (+VAT) £295 £295 £295


* Free trial is subject to survey 
** Speeds indicated are up to the figure stated