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Get Ready for Next-Generation Broadband ...

Hull Broadband is the next-generation of broadband in the UK. It delivers high-performance internet to your home or business reliably, safely and securely at an affordable price. It is the only UK broadband provider to come into the Hull and Humber area without the need for a KC or BT landline.


The high-performance connection and identical upstream and downstream speeds mean you can send and receive files fast. We transmit over Ofcom licensed frequencies therefore our service is NOT affected by line quality or distance from the exchange, so in most cases we can offer you our broadband where the traditional providers cannot.


Our industry beating high-speed SkyFibre™ network, managed Quality of Service and low latency, combined with a globally distributed network makes web sites load noticeably faster on a Hull Broadband Connection.


The technology is proven, tested and reliable. Large network bandwidth and resilience combined with Anycast routing technology makes your internet more reliable, freeing you of intermittent outages. In the unlikely event of an internet outage, we include the ability to add automatic failover to another connection.

Some of our customers who currently benefit from Hull Broadband...

Dove House Hospice, NHS, Bonus Electrical, Hull College, Hull KR,  Sewell Group

Hull Broadband is Different

Hull Broadband is a premium broadband service aimed at both residential and businesses users in Hull.

Available without a landline telephone connection, Hull Broadband is different in that it is Hull's only current serious alternative to traditionally available landline Internet solutions. This has been made possible thanks to our ever-growing network of fixed radio links all over the city. As our network is not dependent on Hull's local telco, it is outside the existing limits and restrictions normally found.

With faster, more consistent and more reliable services from Hull Broadband you can use multiple computers on one Internet connection, send and receive files and emails much quicker than before, stream and watch higher-quality TV, talk via VoIP and even back up your valuable data remotely.

With our state-of-the-art connectivity, you can do away with your aging  expensive telephone line and get your Internet and Telecoms all in one package from Hull Broadband.

Broadband in Hull without the need for a KC Line

Our broadband network is different. We have our own network to beam broadband directly to your premises and is available to customers outside the BT area, a first alternative for residents and businesses even in a KC Area.

Our broadband is symmetrical; this means that a typical upload speed is up to 20 times faster than that of a standard broadband service. Our service is fast for downloads too and consistently reliable giving you a hassle-free solution for your business.

Installation is quick and simple and is completely managed by us leaving your business to carry on without any major disruption. It is completely independent of of BT or KC.

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